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A Million Years is a Brooklyn-based four piece stimulated by the intellectualism and sonic experimentation of bands like Radiohead, Spoon and Wilco. Their debut full-length album, Mischief Maker, was produced by Shannon Ferguson of the band Longwave. A Million Years has toured extensively throughout the East Coast, as well as in venues all around New York City and have been receiving airplay on NYC’s WRXP.



8 tracks

PlayBy Yourself - Instrumental - PM USA
      4.41 Mb
PlayBy Yourself - PM USA
      7.22 Mb
PlayHoly Ghost Town - Instrumental - PM USA
      4.91 Mb
PlayHoly Ghost Town - PM USA
      8.71 Mb
PlayIncandescent - Instrumental - PM USA
      4.28 Mb
PlayIncandescent - PM USA
      7.27 Mb
PlaySuspicious - Instrumental - PM USA
      4.16 Mb
PlaySuspicious - PM USA
      7.17 Mb

8 tracks

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