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Darling Thieves began in 2004 when Grammy-nominated Zebrahead frontman Justin Mauriello formed I Hate Kate – a band that Alternative Press lauded by saying, “your new favorite band have finally arrived!” Mauriello renamed the group in 2010 in order to release the new album Race to Red with producer Lee Miles (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus). With a sonic nod to My Chemical Romance, Social Distortion and Smashing Pumpkins, Darling Thieves have amassed a fanbase as eclectic as their sound.



10 tracks

PlayAnother Day - PM USA
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PlayBurn Down The Wall - PM USA
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PlayFinal - PM USA
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PlayFree Without You - PM USA
      8.20 Mb
PlayI'm In A Bad Way - PM USA
      7.48 Mb
PlayIgnore The Whisper - PM USA
      7.89 Mb
PlayRace To Red - PM USA
      9.49 Mb
PlayShe Remains - PM USA
      8.10 Mb
PlayUnspoken - PM USA
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PlayWelcome To My World
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10 tracks

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