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Lumanikus is a multi-instrumentalist his two loves are synths and guitars, the order of which depends solely on the mood and day. Born in Chicago and of Cuban descent his influences are varied and include but aren\'t limited to the obvious Chicago House Music, Blues and Afro Cuban Latin music. He is currently one of the primary forces in bands Kachipun, WeAreGhosts, Bored Collective , and Xo4ic respectively. He spends most of his time honing his craft of production and songwriting, often to the detriment of sleep. In this sleep deprived state he toils over the miniscule details of his musical works culling inspiration from other musicians, film and art.



3 tracks

PlayRiff The Sun – Instrumental - PM USA
      6.34 Mb
PlayOwned – Instrumental - PM USA
      6.22 Mb
PlayRiseUp - Instrumental - PM USA
      5.11 Mb

3 tracks

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