Michelle Malone - Best of Anthology

Michelle Malone - Best of Anthology

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Armed with a bottleneck slide, blues harmonica, and her signature soul-filled vocals, Michelle Malone was born in the Deep South and grew up listening to her mother sing in the church choir every Sunday. When it came time to craft her own sound, she took those religious roots, blended in enough rock, folk, and blues to satisfy. The names of Malone\'s eleven albums serve as an autobiography; New Experience, Relentless, For You Not Them, Redemption Dream, Beneath the Devil Moon, Home Grown, Hello Out There, Stompin\' Ground, Sugarfoot, Debris and Day 2. She has been on dozens of “Best Of” lists and won many awards throughout her career. The New York Times calls Malone, \"the kind of singer and songwriter who can jolt things into overdrive\" and Rolling Stone says she is “raucous and jubilant.” Nashville’s City Paper considers her the “among the flashiest, most impressive slide guitar soloists working in contemporary blues”.



19 tracks

PlayFeather In A Hurricane - Instrumental - PM USA
      4.51 Mb
PlayFeather In A Hurricane - PM USA
      9.42 Mb
PlayLafayette - PM USA
      3.95 Mb
PlayTighten Up The Springs - PM USA
      3.63 Mb
PlayWasted On You - PM USA
      5.12 Mb
PlayWeed & Wine - PM USA
      10.30 Mb
PlayBlack Motorcycle Boots - PM USA
      3.51 Mb
PlayRestraining Order Blues - PM USA
      9.52 Mb
PlayYesterday's Makeup - PM USA
      8.19 Mb
PlayShine - PM USA
      5.96 Mb
PlayPreacher's Daughter - PM USA
      4.01 Mb
PlayImmigration Game - PM USA
      4.80 Mb
PlayMarlboro Man - PM USA
      6.39 Mb
PlayUndertow - PM USA
      10.38 Mb
PlayCamera - PM USA
      4.43 Mb
PlayCandle For The Lonely - Instrumental - PM USA
      4.48 Mb
PlayCandle For The Lonely - PM USA
      4.30 Mb
PlayWhere Is The Love (Acoustic) - PM USA
      5.00 Mb
PlayFeels Like Christmas - PM USA
      5.08 Mb

19 tracks

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