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Perfect Project is sophisticated urban lounge music. It is the collaboration between NYC-based Dot Bustelo (producer/keyboardist) and Cica (vocalist/songwriter) born in Athens, Greece. The duo has reached significant popularity in the underground lounge scene worldwide. A collection of their songs was released in 2012 in Europe, Perfect Project Soul-Drenched Lounge (Silver Angel Records, Holland). Licenses include Sony Playstation, NBC, Nokia, Dell, NY Fashion Week and numerous compilations on Basiclux Records, Coffeeshop Culture, (Expanded Soul, U.K.), Tropicalismo vol. 2 (Sobra Recordings, Italy) and Ibiza Beats vol. 5 (Silver Angel Records, Holland).



9 tracks

Play9 Days Instrumental - PM USA
      3.21 Mb
Play9 Days - PM USA
      3.13 Mb
PlayBring It - Instrumental - PM USA
      4.64 Mb
PlayBring It - PM USA
      4.70 Mb
PlayGina's Song - Instrumental - PM USA
      5.09 Mb
PlayGot Plenty - Instrumental - PM USA
      4.31 Mb
PlayGot Plenty - PM USA
      4.33 Mb
PlayScrewd Up - Instrumental - PM USA
      3.95 Mb
PlaySymphony #1 - Instrumental - PM USA
      2.81 Mb

9 tracks

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