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Melody’s a running theme in Will Turpin\'s life. As bassist and one of the founding members of Collective Soul, the Georgia super group racked up seven No. 1 hits and 19 Top 40 singles based on their hook-laden guitar anthems, solid riffs and arena-ready choruses. Their unique sound propelled them to international stardom and multi-platinum status. Turpin’s five-song EP, The Lighthouse, is his first solo foray after 18 years of loyal service to the hit-making quintet. The laid back rocker’s many attributes grace the EP—it’s humble, loyal, lighthearted, and melodically blessed from head-to-toe. While rhythm, harmony and melody seem to be a lost art form in the post-Millennium rock music industry, they still hold great weight for Turpin. His songs are about the Tree of Life: love, hope, friendship, vanity, addiction, despair, bad decisions and positive solutions.



8 tracks

Play60 Seconds - Instrumental - PM USA
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Play60 Seconds - PM USA
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PlayHer Name - PM USA
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PlayMy Star - Instrumental - PM USA
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PlayMy Star - PM USA
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PlaySailor - PM USA
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PlaySanity - Instrumental - PM USA
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PlaySanity - PM USA
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8 tracks

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