Elizabeth\'s Custom Playlist

This month, I picked three songs from bands and songwriters with a real knack for the craft:

First, Pennyslvania\'s Adam Taylor (you may remember his uncle from \'90s hitmakers Live) - a clever and cool songwriter about to embark on an East Coast tour kicking off 12/4 at Philadelphia\'s Tin Angel.

Second is Ben Glover, a Nashville songwriter originally from Northern Ireland with a gift for beautiful melody and wistful lyrics.

And, third, Leaving Araby from Athens, Georgia. This song is a little Coldplay, a little REM, and all together gorgeous.

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PlayElvis - PM USA
Artist: Adam Taylor
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PlayMelodies of Midnight - PM USA
Artist: Ben Glover
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PlayBarcelona - Mix F - PM USA
Artist: Leaving Araby
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3 tracks